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CentOS 8-stream and 9-stream now supported!

1GServers, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, is pleased to announce that we now offer support for installing CentOS 9-stream and CentOS 8-stream onto our full line-up of dedicated servers.

CentOS Stream is a continuously delivered Linux distro that is placed between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Linux development. This differs greatly from where historically CentOS tracked. CentOS was always based upon Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), however now it is considered the “beta” version of RHEL.

While many users are migrating away from CentOS (including CentOS-stream) to Rocky Linux, 1GServers will be supporting CentOS Stream for the foreseeable future.

1GServers dedicated server customers can now elect to install CentOS Stream 8 & 9 on either of their auto deploy servers and customizable servers.

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