The 1GServers network

Enterprise grade - 100% Juniper

Designed from every aspect, our network ensures that your data is delivered as quickly as possible. This is first accomplished by over deploying capacity and building in redundancies wherever possible. Next, this methodology is expanded upon by interconnecting with multiple carrier backbones with the fastest possible redundant fiber optic transmissions speeds.

Network equipment

We use Juniper MX480 routers at our core with over 100Gbps network capacity and growing.


We monitor our network from every vantage point and upgrade circuits proactively.

Premium connectivity

You'll never look back with our performance routed network with extensive public and private peering.

IPv4 & IPv6

Our network is dual stacked. IPv6 available for free upon request.

Test the 1GServers network

Testing Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6:   2605:9d00:0:1:c24b:d570:9d83:3fe6
Test files:   100MB   1GB
Your IP Address:

Ready to get started?

We have a wide variety of hardware options available for you. You can order from our list of auto deploy servers or customize the hardware configuration you need.

Auto Deploy Servers         Customizable Servers

Facility Address

3402 E University Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(Not For Mail)


USA Toll Free: 1.877.464.6980
Int'l: +1 602.427.5673

Current Customers

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