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The 1G Servers Facility

Strategically located within the world famous Phoenix NAP data center!


From safeguarding physical access to the facility with armed security guards, to having four 10 megawatt power feeds backed by on-site generators and UPS systems, the facility provides our customers with peace of mind.


Our infrastructure is monitored, managed and maintained 24/7 by professional staff. All servers are physically located within our private cage.


We provide you with server grade hardware for maximum stability. Enterprise hard drives are utilized for speed & reliability and finally, the latest generation Intel processors for the best performance possible.

The 1G Servers Network

Our network is directly interconnected with these leading global networks:

Designed from every aspect, the 1GServers network ensures that your data is delivered as quickly as possible. This is first accomplished by over deploying capacity and building in redundancies wherever possible. Next, this methodology is expanded upon by interconnecting with multiple Internet carriers with the fastest possible fiber optic transmission speeds.

Get your 1G Servers Today!

Memory, disk, network and other features are fully customizable.


Intel Xeon

4 Threads @ 3.1GHz
 (4-bay chassis)

  • 4-16GB ECC Memory
    depends upon stock
  • 2x 1TB Enterprise HDD
    or 2x 120GB SSD
  • Dedicated 1gbps uplink
  • Auto Deploys in 20-40 minutes
  • 1gbps uplink maximum    
  • 20TB Bandwidth Included
  • /30 Subnet Included
  • Fully Customizable
  • Quarterly Discount


Intel Xeon

8 Threads @ 3.5GHz
 (4-bay chassis)

  • 16GB ECC Memory
    supports up to 64GB
  • 2x 1TB Enterprise HDD
    or 2x 120GB SSD
  • Dedicated 1gbps uplink
  • 2gbps uplink upgrade available
  • 10gbps uplink upgrade available
  • 20TB Bandwidth Included
  • /30 Subnet Included
  • Fully Customizable
  • Quarterly Discount


DUAL Intel Xeon
E5-2630v4   NEW!

40 Threads @ 2.2GHz
 (8-bay chassis)

  • 64GB ECC Memory
    supports up to 256GB
  • 2x 1TB Enterprise HDD
    or 2x 120GB SSD
  • Dedicated 1gbps uplink
  • 2gbps uplink upgrade available
  • 10gbps uplink upgrade available
  • 20TB Bandwidth Included
  • /30 Subnet Included
  • Fully Customizable
  • Quarterly Discount

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can I Use The Full 1/2/10Gbps?

Absolutely! We provision every server with a dedicated 1gbps, 2gbps or 10gbps uplink. We also maintain sufficient capacity to our network carriers and carefully engineer our network to be congestion free.

02. Who Are Your Carriers?

Our network is interconnected to multiple Tier 1 carriers for maximum uptime and performance. For a carrier list and additional information, please check our network info.

03. Where Are Your Servers Located?

Your dedicated server is located in our private cage at the PhoenixNAP data center, located in Phoenix, AZ USA. For more information about this data center, please check our facility info.

04. How Many IP's Do You Assign?

We provide each server with a /30 subnet (1 usable). We can offer up to a /28 subnet (up to 13 usable) with proper justification. Please contact us for pre-authorization if you need more than 1 usable address.

05. What Are Your Payment Methods?

We currently accept PayPal, Bitcoin and bank wire transfer. If you plan on paying by bank wire transfer, please contact us for payment instructions. To submit a Bitcoin payment for your order or invoice, click here.

06. Do I Get A Reboot Button?

Yes! Automated remote reboots are available in our customer portal 24/7/365.

07. Do I Get Bandwidth Graphs?

Yes! Our customer portal offers you real time bandwidth usage graphs for each server. You also get an up to the minute calculation of your data usage and any overages (if applicable).

08. Do You Offer Server Management?

We offer unmanaged servers. You are free to contract with a third party server management company if you wish. All servers are delivered with the OS pre-installed and you are given full root access to your server. Technical support is provided for reboots, OS re-installs, hardware & network troubleshooting and other general inquiries.

09. Do You Offer A Private Network?

If you have multiple servers with us, we can extend a private VLAN between your servers to the 2nd uplink of each server. Traffic between servers over the private network is free and is not counted towards your normal Internet traffic. This is useful for accessing databases on other servers and transferring files between servers as quickly as possible.

10. Why 2 Disk Drive Minimum?

The most frequent point of failure on any server is a hard drive. In order to minimize downtime if and when a hard drive failure occurs, we provide you with two identical primary drives so that Raid 1 (Drive Mirroring) can be implemented. There are two benefits to this. First, your server remains online and second, it can help prevent data loss.

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